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Transform your work day with mobile-ready business solutions to simplify everyday tasks and innovate for the future. Manage your business from anywhere, at any time.

Our solutions

Zero Code Platform

Our flagship solution, it offers a sophisticated intelligent set of tools which enable businesses or individuals to define and build any application they want, using screens with option selection, not computer code. Business Drives has built enterprise ready business applications for our clients using our own platform. Select employees of some of our clients were trained to build special application they need in additions the application we built for them. All of that done by these employees with NO programming or coding experience, they just have keen understanding of the business process that they need the application for and have appetite to learn and train on how to use our platform tools.

We also have pre-built industry solutions

Sales Order Management


A turn key Solution for wholesales sales reps which enable them to manage the creation of sales orders for their client using any mobile device. The solution features:

  • Sales User profiles setup

  • Sales territory management

  • Sales Order process

  • Sales reporting

  • incentive compensation

  • Invoicing

  • integration to Business Drives financial management application Processes

  • Easy to configure integration to customer external application such as Financial management, Warehouse Management and other Application

  • Integration with Business Drives warehouse management application processes

Pharmacy Management


Our all in one pharmacy management application makes all aspects of pharmacy management easy. The solution features:

  • Prescription management

  • Consultation model management

  • Fully integrated Point of Sale solution

  • Customer relationship management tools

Find out more on our Business Drives Rx website.

Warehouse Management


Easily keep track of your inventory with our warehouse management application. The solution features:

  • Shipping process

  • Receiving process

  • RMA/Return Process

  • Inventory Count

  • Stock Adjustment

  • Stock transfer

  • Loss management process

  • Integration with BDI Financial management

  • Integration With BDI Sales Order Management

  • Integration with BDI Procurement

Supply Chain Management


Make ordering inventory easy with our warehouse management application. The solution features:

  • Purchase Order Management

  • Product/Pricing management

  • Vendor Management processes

  • Integration with BDI Warehouse Management Application

  • Integration with BDI financial Management Application

  • Integration with external applications

Financial Management


A ready to use financial management application for all of your financial management needs. The solution features:

  • Order to Cash Process

  • Procure to Pay Process

  • Warehouse financial management process

  • Employee affairs process

  • Budgeting Process

  • Cost Management process

  • Asset Management

  • Integration with external applications